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Halong Festivals

Tra Co Festival

Place:  Trà Cổ Village, Móng Cái Town. Time: Festivities in Trà Cổ take place yearly from the 30th day of the fifth lunar month until the sixth day of the sixth lunar ...

Long Tien Pagoda Festival

Place: Long Tiên Pagoda at the foot of Bài Thơ (Poem) Mountain, Hạ Long City. Time: The official festive day is on the 24th of the third lunar month. See more: Croisière baie ...

Cua Ong Festival

Place:  Cửa Ông Temple, Cửa Ông Ward, Cẩm Phả Town. Time: Yearly, the festivities take place at the Cửa Ông Temple from the second day of the first lunar month until the end ...