Halong Boats


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Things to Do on Halong Bay

Travelling by boat

The most interesting part of a Hạ Long tour is the boat cruise around the bay to admire hundreds of stone islets that seem to move and change as the boat passes, first seen from a distance, then hidden below the waves. The boat moors on some islands to allow tourists to visit caves and grottoes, and at sandy beaches for a rest, sunbathing and swimming.

Without advance knowledge, tourists may miss many beautiful stone islets, as there is so much to explore. Reading the introduction to the islands and the routes on the bay is good preparation, especially if you take a map of Hạ Long Bay to know where the boat is and which islands it is going to pass. You can also ask the captain to take the best route for the most picturesque scenery, and what to expect. You can also ask to reduce speed and cruise closer to the bases of spectacular and scenery.

It is an interesting experience to climb. Visiting the caves and grottoes is an interesting experience. Most are above sea level, but there are good stone and wooden steps leading to the entrances. The only difficulty is perhaps the narrow wooden gangway used for getting on and off the boat, as it is sometimes very steep when the tide is high. Sensible shoes are essential!

It is advisable to remember the boat's name and number so that you can recognize it among the many boats anchoring at the pick-up point, particularly at busy times, as they are very similar to one another. Also, the landing and pick-up points are often in different places.

The paths in large caves are quite even and are illuminated. Tourists should, however, follow the guide and go in groups. You will be shown the many extraordinary figures among thousands of stalactites, stalagmites and other fascinating rock formations.
Tourists should return to boat schedule to be on time for visits to other places and to avoid keeping others waiting. There is plenty to explore and admire.